1. Optimization and Upscaling of a novel photocatalytic material (VISIONS Photo-Powder) which was developed in lab-scale through an IP FP7 project (CLEAR-UP).

2. Semi-industrial production of innovative photocatalytic paints (Photo-Paints) by incorporating the VISIONS Photo-Powder in various types of paints for real scale applications.

3. Real scale application of three innovative Photo-Paints in a set of existing Demo-Houses prototype demonstrator at the Hellenic Naval Academy Buildings.

4. Assessment of the effectiveness of the Photo-Paint for large scale applications through the application of a state of the art numerical modelling
(CFD) for different scenarios for the application of the proposed covering technology.

5. Development of performance indicators for evaluation of the photocatalytic efficiency.

6. Development of a sophisticated Decision Support System (DSS), which will serve as a multicriteria support tool towards studying the efficiency of the proposed solutions, processes and methods in future applications. It will be based on the outcomes of the photocatalytic activity, the Cost Efficiency Analysis (CEA), the Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) and the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

7. Establishment of a start-up (or spin-off) company that will undertake the exploitation and promotion of VISIONS technologies and products
(Photo-Paints & DSS).

8. Development of Management, Communication and Dissemination strategy of the project.