Expected results

The expected results are divided in 6 main sectors:

1. Environment: A degradation of up to 40% for NOx and 15% of VOCs from the application of the VISIONS Photo-Paint under real world conditions is expected.

2. Energy: Ventilation and HVAC systems are the major energy consumers in buildings. It is foreseen that for a 1000 m2 building area a reduction of 10% in energy demand could be feasible.

3. Innovation: Optimization & application of TCM-1 catalysts for industrial building coatings capable for air de-pollution by visible light without producing any harmful byproducts. Both optimized TCM-1 and Photo-Paint could be patented.

4. Economy: Demonstration of the effectiveness of the application will set the platform for a wider application to a number of indoor environments (homes, schools, hospitals)

5. Dissemination: Stakeholders and end users (Building Construction Companies, Chemical and Paints companies, Local and Regional authorities and the public at large) will take advantage of the outcome of the project as it will be translated into a Decision Support System (DSS). To that end characterization of the sustainability of each particular photocatalytic application could be achieved.

6. Entrepreneurship: Establishment of a spin-off, which will transfer the project findings and tools to the market rapidly. It is foreseen to cover up to 2% of the paint market during the first 3 years of operation.