The efficiency of the best performing photo-paint in terms of de-pollution and reduction of the energy consumption will be further investigated in real scale application to the Hellenic Naval Academy (HNA) in Piraeus. The application of the VISIONS innovative paint will be implemented in the:

– Naval Cadets Teaching building: The building is three (3) floors high and its use is dedicated for teaching. It consists mainly of teaching rooms (at least 21 class rooms) and

– Naval Cadets Accommodation building: This building is four (4) floors high and its use is dedicated to the accommodation and the rest of Naval Cadets (including 3 ball rooms with capacity of 200 each).

These buildings of the Hellenic Naval Academy (HNA) are located in the port city of Piraeus the largest port in Greece and one of the largest in Europe but also one of the most polluted urban cities in terms of air quality. The HNA is located adjacent to the main entrance of the port where heavy duty commercial activity takes place. For that purpose, it is highly important to apply innovative methods for improvingair quality in the premises of HNA where more than 400 naval cadets and other military and civil personnel follow an intensive daily routine of academic, athletic, naval and military education and training.

Scientific Supervisor: Associate Professor of HNA Stamatis Kalligeros