Public awareness and dissemination of results

Networking with Other Projects and Dissemination Planning & Execution

The objective of Networking with other projects is to share best practices, exchange experiences and assess potential synergies. The project team has selected two projects, “LIFE-PHOTOSCALING” AND “LIFE –DIGITALIFE”

The following dissemination tools will be developed:

– Project Logo

– Leaflets

– Posters

– Notice Boards

– Project Website

– Internet Banners

– Social Media

– Layman’s report

– “SmartBuilding” Business Game

– Commercials and radio spot

– Press Releases, Articles, Newsletters and Scientific publications

– Conferences and public events

– Open “VISIONS” LIFE Days

– Live-streaming conferences

– Online Course

– Training of energy inspectors

– Event for industries-users active in paint production as well as in different than paint sectors

Public Awareness

The tools described on sub-action Dissemination Planning & Execution will be used separately and/-or combined, in order to enable the Project team inform all stakeholders through Tailor Made Dissemination of Project Results and Findings. Actions taken in the framework of Public Awareness include the distribution of materials (Leaflets, Posters, Reports, Newsletters), the purchase of view time for the commercials, the purchase of airtime for the radio spot, the publication of press releases and articles in portals and newspapers, the publications in journals and the dissemination of the online course.

Stakeholders segmentation