2nd Technical Project Meeting

November 24, 2020

The 2nd Technical Project Meeting of the project “InnoVative photocatalytIc paintS for healthy envirOnment and eNergy Saving” «VISIONS» – LIFE19 ENV/GR/000100 took place online on Tuesday 24 November 2020. On the 2nd Technical Project Meeting Thomas Maggos (NCSR Demokritos), George Kiriakidis (FORTH), Vasilis Binas (FORTH) and K. Theodorou (VITEX) participated. Detailed discussion on the next steps of the photocatalytic powder and paints production/properties took place. TM presented an overview of the deliverables where NCSRD, FORTH and VITEX are in charge for the next year and the next steps to be followed by all participants were agreed.

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